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Health care webinar tips for pharma event managers

As a webinar producer, I will share my knowledge of how to do a successful webinar in the healthcare area. This post will be a short one. There will be no build-up, I won’t hide things to make clever reveals to make this blog post more than what it is. I will let you know the direct knowledge I have accumulated over the years with working with more than 1000+ HCP’s, Agencies, and production vendors. I value your time so you will read this post with direct access to its essence. No fanciness is required.

Everything is done before they are done. 

So make your mind. Do you really want your webinar to be a success or do you think it would be nice to have a successful webinar? The difference is huge. If you kind of want it, let me be frank, you won’t have it. The webinar you will create will be a mediocre one and don’t get me wrong, there is no right or wrong, no one judges you for asking for a mediocre webinar. However to make a great webinar, first, you have to see if you have a genuine desire to have one. If you do, you do, if not, you don’t, there is no judgment here. Realize what you want and act for it. This will set the path for you and allow you to make the right decisions on the way.

Remember what is your goal. 

The information that your HCP’s will share on your webinar is the most important thing. Under no circumstances you or the teams working with you can not jeopardize this fact. You do not compromise on this. You can’t because You have not other choices. Therefore not only that you should let people know this but also have them a triple check. 

  1. Do you have a good production company?
  2. Are your contracts ready?
  3. Does your agency have a proven record of streaming webinars in the healthcare industry? 
  4. Do you have enough markets interested in your KOL’s? 

Communication is your tool

Every single e-mail that goes out from your inbox related to your event, aligns everyone on the same page. The essence of the teams working like clockwork is to have them on the same page. Send them e-mails about almost everything: 

  1. Ask production team to be ready
  2. Get the website ready, 
  3. Ask about registration numbers
  4. Ask other colleagues to make e-mail blasts to their respective markets to raise the registration for your webinar
  5. Ask your agency to prepare materials to distribute such as posters, social media posts
  6. When HCP’s start to register, send them reminder e-mails 1 day before the event. 
  7. After the event, send certification.

Find a good agency or a production company that cares to deliver. Everything in the pharmaceutical industry is embedded with human lives, therefore most of the things are death as if it is a life or death situation, because, at the end of the day, your patients are live on your product and your HCP’s are directing them to get the right one. So make sure that your agency, production company, and your colleagues understand that this is a serious thing to make a webinar. 

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