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Medical Congress Highlights
video production.

We create short interviews with your KOL to capture the highlights.
Be the first one who shares the newest findings and changes about guidelines with your HCPs.


Congresses start to open up however most people still don't want to travel to the countries where the congress will be held.


We record short interviews, edit it immediately and prepare a newsletter which is delivered to your HCPs e-mail box!

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Deliver a series of digestible mini-interviews to your HCPs

So how does it work? Let’s check our Getting Started guide down below to understand how it all works!

Join 15+ congresses and businesses.

How does all this works?

Help your HCPs to stay current,
Send them only the highlights of the congress! See the workflow below!

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You will love to collaborate with KOLs and be the one who breaks the news.

Main steps

1. Send us the brief!

Share the project brief with us. Click this link to send us an e-mail.

2. Arrival to the venue

Before the congress starts, we arrive and set up a small recording area for you to bring your
KOL. Start recording the interviews throughout the day!

3. Video editing

We edit the videos on-site as fast as we can to make them ready to send under 10 hours after the videos are recorded!

Website & Mobile

Packed with API features you will love to collaborate with issues and change business.

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4. Send video newsletter

Ordinary newsletters are boring. Simply everyone prefers to watch instead of reading.
Help your audience and send them video newsletters that we create together right next to your.

5. Get extensive report

We also provide detailed reports on which videos are the most-watched. When do people stop watching a specific video, which countries were most interested? On top of this, we can embed call-to-action links or collect any data you want us to collect.

6. That’s it!

Now your marketing teams can use these videos to keep informing your HCP's.

Website & Mobile

Packed with API features you will love to collaborate with issues and change business.

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Additional Services

1. Live streaming

You can ask us to live stream a certain conference that is will be on the venues. We can create a custom website for your live stream. Read more here:

2. Behind the scenes video

To achieve best results in the digital world we can create a behind-the-scenes video for social media.

3. Custom tailored video

You can always ask for a custom video. We thrive with our customer's wishes. Let us know what you need!

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Let us help you. We have been in congresses like ECNP, ESC, ESH, APA, ESC Asia, ACC, and many leading conferences. Delivered in 12 different countries and 26 different cities.

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