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What is Webinar? How to do a webinar?

What is Webinar? How to do a webinar?

What is a Webinar? An online seminar is called Webinar. How is it done? Seminars held in a normal physical environment are transformed into a web environment and shared via a private website or social media.

How is it done?

You can produce two kinds of webinars:

  1. By yourself: You can invite speakers yourself and schedule a simple webinar using programs like Zoom, GotoWebinar, Cisco Webex Events, ON24.
  2. With a professional team: You can perform your Webinar by working with a live-streaming team. If you work with a team, your Webinar will be more professional: within Webinar, you can prepare your brand-specific website, videos, and presentations, collect your participant’s e-mails, send reminder messages to people who are registered to your Webinar, and all the while you work with a live broadcast director, you have complete control over the visuals that you will show to your audience with a team working with you at every stage of webinar process.

How to make successful webinars?

Registering e-mails via a website where your participants will log in before Webinar, automatically putting a reminder on the participant’s calendar of the webinar website, e-mail reminder 1 week, 1day, and 1 hour before the event increases participation.

During Webinars, it is quite important that your speakers are shown with your brand’s logo and special custom screens, have complete control over their presentations, connectivity, camera, and audio tests have been made with speakers.

When the webinar is finished, the process for a successful webinar continues. We deliver the stream recording to the client for on-demand use. A custom sheet where the complete data of the webinar is presented to the client, in this data you can find the mails, asked questions and much more detailed information can be found.

Webinar Content is the king!

No matter how well a technical team is prepared, the most important effect in this process is the speaker and their content. If your speaker’s content is really interesting, your stream will be watched by a large audience that will get you returns.

Where can Webinar be shown?
  1. Custom website
  2. Your Instagram page
  3. Your Youtube page
  4. Your Facebook page
  5. Workplace
  6. Twitter
  7. Twitch
  8. Vimeo
  9. To Zoom, Skype, Google, Meet, On 24, Webex, basically to any internal communication software, the feed can be streamed.

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