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ON24 Webinar Alternative: The Benefits of Choosing us!

If you’re looking for a ON24 webinar alternative for your live events, you’ve come to the right place! Powered exclusively by the best, We offer a fast, secure, and innovative solution for your live events and webinars. Our speed-optimized workflow is unlike anything else you’ll come across.


ON24 webinar targets experienced professionals who don’t mind acting as webinar producers. However, when it comes to webinar production, it doesn’t offer the support, customization, and features we do.

ON24 webinar is mainly a self-service solution. Although it offers some webinar capabilities, that’s not what this provider specializes in. We hear every day from frustrated clients looking for a ON24 webinar alternative, who want to hear what makes Kinsta unique.

That’s what we’ll cover here. We’ll explain what distinguishes us from other providers such as ON24 webinar, and explore the many benefits of using us as your webinar producer.

How Firat Bayram Bakir Compares to ON24 Webinar in a Nutshell

Before we take a deep dive into the specifics of a custom webinar producer vs ON24 Webinar, we first want to provide a breakdown of some of the key differences.

We have been producing webinars for a long time. Even before ON24 Webinars. We didn’t jump on the boat because there was a market. We were there before everyone. We leverage customizations to create the webinar you want.

Some additional differences between Us vs ON24 Webinar include:

  • We offer all-in-webinar solutions for your live streams. ON24 webinar only lets you do your webinars on its platform.
  • We create you a website with your choice of domain. For example ON24 webinar doesn’t, you are restricted on the platform.
  • We use the latest generation Computers and live streaming hardware-Optimized for webinars – these are the most expensive and fastest machines. Available for all our customers.
  • We are there with you on every step of your webinar. Our support team consists of live streaming experts who are knowledgeable and quick to respond. ON24 Webinar doesn’t offer the level of support we do.
  • ON24 webinar only asks for your credit card and leaves you the hard work.
  • We monitor every aspect of your webinar 24/7.
  • Kinsta provides 24/7 premium support on all plans.
  • We offer customized screens and branding for your webinar. ON24 webinar only allows set changes to be made.
  • We give you control of what you show when you show and how you show. The content you can deliver is limitless. On ON24 webinar, you are limited with what the platform offers.
  • We include everything you need to maximize site performance and security, including a premium DNS, uptime monitoring, and firewalls.
  • We offer a fully customizable registration box for you to collect the data you want from your audience.
  • We offer a unique way to communicate with your audience.
  • We have 18 data centers around the world to deliver your content to your audience.
  • We offer polling, survey, and post-event survey for your webinars.
  • We have a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • We offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

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We are here for Customization

We are unique, our powerful infrastructure was custom built to deliver unparalleled performance, speed, support, and scalability. Our solution doesn’t fit into any of the categories of traditional webinar providers.

We create you a custom website, registration box, layouts that fit your webinar’s mood and branding.

Our auto-scaling infrastructure also makes it easy for you to track your attendees.

We do not have any limits for your webinar. We offer customized project based-pricing however in case you get a surge in terms of audience, we do not limit any of your viewers to join your webinar.

At first glance, the entry-level costs of ON24 webinar may seem like an advantage. However, they can also be misleading. The packages we offer doesn’t only include live streaming but also graphic designs, servers, registering domains, creating reminder mails… It is a complete service only designed for your webinar.

Benefits of working with a core team

When we broadcast webinars we are there from start to finish. Meaning, the person who manages your project will be there with you on every step. So you will always see the same faces and deal with the same people. This will improve the success of your webinar.

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We value our clients’ feedback and are always striving to be better. This is why we regularly seek out opportunities to improve and incorporate the requests and feedback we get from clients into our offerings. If there’s a chance something can make your site or webinar experience even better, we’re all ears!

Focus on your speaker! not the technical stuff

Before your webinar, we schedule dry runs with you and our speakers to let them know what we are going to do and how should they get ready. Also on the webinar day, we help you and our speakers to focus on what’s important: content. We handle all the technical details to make sure that all is good.

We are Safe and Secure

We know how important it is to secure your site and servers. This is why we take both active and passive measures to safeguard not only your webinar but also the servers that running your webinars.

Our security features include:

  • Monitoring your website
  • Strict software-based restrictions
  • Real-time DDoS attack detection
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
  • GeoIP blocking
  • Password protected live streaming

In the rare event that anything were to happen to your live stream, we’ll immediately switch to our backup system. Meaning that we will resolve them without you or your audience even realizing it.

ON24 webinar, on the other hand, only takes basic security measures.

We Have a Global Presence

Another advantage of working with Firat Bayram Bakir as your webinar producer is our global footprint. Of course, all our speakers can join via their webcam, however, if you want to take the next step and get a professional camera crew, we have crew members (and counting) around the globe, which spans five continents.

Thanks to our massive global presence, it’s easy for you to invite speakers in any country.

Expert Support for Webinars

We always put our customers first. Our support team is made up of skilled live stream experts, who treat each customer and inquiry as a mission-critical priority. We provide 24/7 premium support regardless of your plan.

In addition to knowledgeable and accessible, our support is also quick and convenient.

Perhaps this is why, in the past two years, over 97% of our customers left with a smiling face.

Our main motto is: “hmmm… what could we do better”? Everything about the product experience, the around the clock customer support, and the steady live streaming experience we offer.

Join Others Making the Switch to Firat Bayram Bakir

We take pride in offering the fastest and latest technology possible. This is why we’re constantly evolving and leveraging the most innovative solutions available. When you check out our many feature updates, you’ll see that no other webinar provider releases new features, tools, and integrations at the same speed and frequency.

We are proud of our solutions and want you to be completely satisfied with your live streaming. Unlike ON24 webinars, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re ready to make the move away from ON24 webinar and switch to a new webinar producer, contact us.