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Why is Video important for New Entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneur video is one of the most important tools that will reveal your new venture. For many entrepreneurs, the preparation time is quite long, but if your product or service will create an innovation in the field it enters, you can start making money by showing your venture via video.

Show Your Initiative and earn money

Whether you seek funds or be funded already, showing your initiative to people, it’s an investment that will return to you. Many Entrepreneurs are looking for investments, so how can you expect an investor who doesn’t see your initiative to become a partner? You can’t. So “Just get out there and make money.”

Video shooting for entrepreneurs 101

1. Show your unique proposition

Why should anyone else choose you? explain this loud and clear. Try to communicate in writing. When you can write what you want clearly, you’ll realize how easily they understand you.

2. Tell us how your solution benefits

Entrepreneur video: You have about 2-3 minutes to explain the problem and your unique solution and show you how you benefit from it. Here are the topics you need to answer briefly:

  1. What kind of problem have you discovered in the market you will enter?
  2. What is the solution to this problem?
  3. What kind of market are you entering?
  4. What makes your solution special?
  5. How’s your business model?
  6. Which customer groups do you offer solutions to?
  7. How will you announce your solution to the world? What are your ad channels?
  8. Who are your competitors?

See how other initiatives make videos.

3. Call to action

Girişim videosu çekimi, fırat bayram bakır

At the end of the video, make an appeal so that people can access your website. If possible, do not just embed this link in your video as a post, but also create a link inside your video player where people can access your website by clicking on it. For more information: See our custom video player page.

Work with a professional

Girişim videosu çekimi, fırat bayram bakır

I suggest you definitely work with a video expert. Make sure that the length of your work here necessarily cares about your work. A lot of people who want to make videos reach out to me and say they want a video, but they don’t know why you want it or if it’s really going to do him or his company any good. After a 20-minute chat, I’m actually trying to figure out together if what they’re looking for is a video or what format video it is. We decide together whether the video will help you. I want the customers I work with to succeed because the projects we produce for you are reflected as a return to us. That’s why I’m constructing the dynamic between us as two business owners who make money together. In order to make money together, choose a professional who cares about your job. Work with the video maker who will not only make and deliver the video to you but will provide you with the transformation and attention your brand needs, that is, bring the results. So be your own judge and think about Why is Video important for New Entrepreneurs?

About the author: I am a professional video producer who has made films in 17 different countries. So far, I’ve produced great videos, live streams, and ads for medical and trademarks. With my team, I mostly did commercials, webinars, numerous interviews, factory shoots, documentaries, and events. First of all, I’m a positive, customer-oriented professional focused on solutions rather than problems, trying to keep the quality of productions at the top. I’d like to make your job easier and help you. Tell me about your project: