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Medical Video Shooting and Interview Recording

When we say “interview,” the only thing we can think of because of is boring TV interviews. They are called Vox-Pop interviews, which means “the opinion of the majority of the people” – In medical video shooting and interview recordings, it is usually the medium where information is highlighted rather than the visual, and I think the power of the image is ignored by the healthcare companies. I think that education records and interviews, especially in the pharmaceutical industry, do not reflect the strength of the great discoveries in this field. Let’s talk about how you can improve your interviews.

Speaker and body language

As someone who has interviewed 100+ doctors in 15 different countries, I can say with certainty and unequivocally. You can only make an introverted doctor look good to a certain point. My job is to make the doctors look at their best. however, this always goes beyond the right lens and camera preference. You often need to direct and educate doctors, and if you’re in the medical industry, you know how challenging doctors can be. I want them to show their knowledge and their potential by using their body language and reaching out to their listeners. ENCP 2019 At the conference I attended in Denmark, I had a lot of new information that really intrigued me, interviewed more than 20 doctors, and conducted many successful interviews.

Now it’s a big task for the pharmaceutical company to choosing the “right”. doctor to achieve great interviews.

How do I get my doctor, my Speaker to reach out to a wider audience?

By improving production quality, you can increase the view rate of your video. And this can only be possible by developing many different elements. A new lens can only give you a sharper image. If you want to take your interviews further, you need to strengthen many filming elements at the same time. For example, you want to both relax your speaker and make the setting comfortable for them to express themself, make sure they wear the right costume, record cleaner sound, adjust camera settings according to the environment, light along with ambient light, get rid of what doesn’t fit into the scene. To give the viewer the opportunity to focus, you need to focus on the audience by getting rid of the elements in the frame.

“It should look bright!”

I hear this phrase a lot from my clients. The message I received here is as follows: “Whether it’s white and medical, it looks clean and bright, it’s a standard look, let’s not go out of the ordinary. The medical field is quite a strict field to navigate due to strict regulatory requirements therefore my clients are right to choose the “safe” option. It’s quite a justified need to want to work safely and risk-free in such a controlled area.

So we mostly work with such angles – with frames that we leave empty for as gap. The gap of gaze allowing the viewer to “see what’s in front” and creating a spacious environment that makes it easier to watch for the audience.








The background is as important as the speaker.

You have to look at filming as a whole. The whole approach must serve the result. The background is as important as the foreground. There is a difference between shooting against a flat wall and shooting against an area where there is a clear depth that supports the speaker’s content.

Overall, “Content is still the king” is still the most important item. You can decorate the frame as much as you can, if the shared information isn’t interesting, your viewing rate won’t increase, but if your speaker is good, you can turn your project into a video that everyone can see with the good producer/director to guide it.

About the author: I’m a professional video producer who films in 17 different countries. So far, I’ve produced great videos, live streams, and ads for medical and commercial brands. I’ve often shot commercials, webinars, numerous interviews, factory shootings, documentaries, and events with my team. First of all, I am positive, customer-oriented, focused on solutions rather than problems, trying to keep the quality of productions at the top. I’d like to make your job easier and help you. Tell me about your project:

Medical Video Shooting and Interview recording.

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