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Medical Video Shooting

When it comes to Medical Video Shooting, you can tell the topic of your choice in many different ways. The important thing here is to choose the right video language and style for the right content. Let’s take a look at the list below together:

Types of video recording options in the healthcare industry

  1. Interview recording
  2. Training recording
  3. Presentation recording
  4. Short video shoot
  5. Drug administration shooting
  6. Green screen recording
  7. Webinar
  8. Conference shooting
  9. Surgery filming
  10. Hospital promotional video shoot
  11. Doctor video recording

1. Interview recording

The most common type of filming in the healthcare medical industry is interview shooting. It is usually filmed with two cameras using “documentary” angles. The subject or details that the speaker wants to highlight can be highlighted on the screen to help the viewer watch the presentation with more visuals. It’s important to call a shooting team that knows how to work with doctors. Professional commercial and series teams don’t know how to work with doctors, they are used to work with actors that are professionals in their field but the doctors are not familiar with filming, in medical video shootings. That’s why It is important to establish film crews that will approach the doctor with respect, cover, and teach them how to stay in front of the camera.

2. Training recording

Training and lecture recordings, some of the most used filming solutions in the medical field. In medical video shootings, the topic can be captured with a presentation. It is very important that this presentation is shown in the final video in the best way. The presentation could be recorded separately so that the laser/mouse is recorded as well to highlight the lecture so that It’s easier for the audience to understand. You can also direct viewers with a call to messages, section your videos or subtitles during the video-sharing phase, and create potential customers with email capture or share your video with completely private links.

3. Presentation Recording

In this video format: where both the presentation and the speaker is recorded, the subject is not limited to education. During any event, organization, case presentation or webinar, the presentation and speaker’s captured and then edited as a video. The important thing here is to make it easier for the viewer to understand by increasing the interaction possibilities of the described subject. By sectioning the video according to the topics, the viewer can quickly find out and watch the topic they want.

4. Short Medical Video Shooting

Topics spoken in congresses and meetings are recorded and summarized in 2,3 minutes of short videos and sent as e-mails to people who couldn’t attend the congress.

5. Drug Administration Shooting

Administration videos are a form of video that briefly describes and shows how to use the drug. It can be filmed in a green box. It can be supported by animation and graphics.

6. Green screen recording

Green screen videos: desired graphics and backgrounds can be replaced with other backgrounds and animations by removing the green background. It’s a unique option to share your information.

7. Webinar – Live Stream

It is the most common form of communication in the medical field. It allows doctors to communicate with other doctors. Webinar: The Internet seminar is called a Webinar. You can see all its features in detailed detail here.

8. Conference Recording

Before your event, our graphics team creates custom backgrounds, picture frames, and graphics for your brand’s webinar. Your organization prepares the name of the presenters, the title of the speech. 4:3 and 16:9 custom frames are created to host presentation slides. On the day of the event, our video production teams film each presentation in real high resolution with single or multiple camera setups. It is then arranged the way you want and delivered to you online or digitally.

9. Surgery Recording

The benefits of live video recording in the operating room: The ability to send a live feed of the surgery room in or out of the Operating Room. In this way, all members of the surgical team can see what is happening and follow the procedure together, so they can improve communication between staff. Nurses can clearly see what surgeons are doing and make a better estimate when certain tools are needed. Medical students and participants can observe the operation with an unobstructed view without the need to enter the operation room. The benefit of archiving videos for later viewing and training is well known and highly appreciated by the health care community.

10. Hospital Promotion and Doctor Videos

Here you can find a short sample of promotional films we shot and edited in 15 different countries.

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